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Wiki uses for teachers

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Links, Resources, and Materials! 

Have you ever attended a workshop and thought, "I wish I had a copy of that presentation" (or handouts, links, video, etc.)? Do you want to be able save what you began working on and possibly the work of others? Did you enjoy other educators ideas and creativity and want to share each other's expertise? Wikis are the way to do it!


What is a wiki? It's for. . . 

          collaborating, communicating, creating, and connecting


           and here's why. . .


 Wiki Strengths: 

     1. Like a website, you and those with a password, can add and edit files, docs,   text, pictures, links, sounds & video files. It's has multi-user web publishing capacity.


     2. Unlike a website, a wiki can be collaborative and ever evolving.


     3. Unlike a blog, the strength of a wiki lies in writing and editing and creating, therefore understanding how topics are related.


Why Use A Wiki?

 There are five elements that, in combination, are the "secret recipe" to wikis.


  • You edit in a browser, without the need for specialized programs or applications; its web-based.


  • You can link to uncreated page, so the organization of the wiki can be created on the fly--without interfering with creativity or interrupting the thought process;


  • Wikis keep a chronological history for every page, so nothing is lost forever, no changes can be completely destructive, and revisions can always be undone;


  • Wikis include a discussion area, so there can be a dialogue about changes before, during, and after they are being made;


  • And finally, and in some ways most significantly, you can monitor a wiki or a particular page and receive notification of any changes to that page--which is why an error in a site like Wikipedia can be corrected in a matter of a few minutes.


Wikis for Education


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