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Professional Development (redirected from WEMTA-2011)

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What can WEB 2.0 do for YOU?


Connecting teachers with resources and ideas for their profession.



Here are my FAVORITE tools that make my job easier!




More than just a social bookmarking tool!

Sheri's diigo page





Applications of Google for education





uses "the cloud" not a thumbdrive






students can send their work through this site

no email address needed

just a password





 analyzes documents immediately

auto grades papers-plagiarism detector

spell and grammar checks-style and word choice analysis

Vocabulary Builder




Excellent organizational tool

 Student e-portfolios 



Social Learning

Applications for Edmodo *




Applications for Voki





Share planning with others!

Send files and images

share desktop screen


When you want to know what students know, have them comment on Voicethread


Inquiry-based lesson explained on voice thread, students comment on tier graphing assessment. **





Collaboration on a graphic organizer.

Becky and I, both 7th grade science teachers, share a graphic organizer during one class!



Download your Power Point onto a slideshare and embed it into your wiki or other pages.


How to create a wiki
















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