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Einstein's Educators

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Team Science 8

October Penner, Quinn Shirley, Carrie Vrieze, Jennifer Xiong, Sheri Ebert





  • Please give the green Project TILT lll to your library media specialist and ask them to take the assessment.
  • The first 3 LMS who take the assessment may receive a subscription to Atomic Learning.


Students:  8th graders ONLY

  • The code on the second page your school code.
  • There are 34 multiple choice questions and 1 open ended question.
    • Regular ed. students need to read on their own
    • IEP students can have the test read to them, but read it in a separate room.  
  • Final assessment is on May 13th with Mr. Gleiss. 







Tools for Collaboration


  • Edmodo - in the upcoming month, you will need to create an account in Edmodo. When you have done that, there is a "join" between group and create. Select the "join" link and enter this code tlsrxu. This will allow you to be in the Einstien's Educators. I am still not sure we are needing this as we have twiducate.




  • icon is a link
    • Log in as a student please.
    • Class code: tilt3  pw: your first name all lower case.





TILT 3 Participants

Completed Planning forms











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