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Social Networking

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  • URL storage
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Educational Readings/YouTube videos/Blogs




“Does technology support the practices that improve student learning?”


A Vision of K-12 Students Today


A Vision of Students Today /College


Open Thinking

  • 80+ videos for tech and media literacy


Marzano on Student Achievement and Technology

  • Dr. Robert Marzano addresses the question "What do we know about the effects of technology on student achievement?" YouTube clips ncluded in an article.




Discussion Think - Pair - Share

What is web 2.0?

Social Networking?


Future of Education:


   The Need to Reinvent Assessments Using Technology

   Beyond the Web 2.0 Hype Opening by Ryan Bretag

   Best Practices

   Study Shows Web 2.0 Underutilized in Schools

   Strength of Weak Ties - Integrety or Dishonesty Use of Delicious

   Best Practices - David Jakes' Blog

   Bloom's Taxomony 2.0

   World Without Walls: Learning Well with Others

   25 ways to Teach with Twitter

   Choose and article from Tech and Learning

   The 5 P's of social media Where  do I Start?



  The Future of Learning

  Learning Today

  Ken Robertson says school kills creativity





Social Networking




My Space


Ning about Ning







  • http://www.myspace.com/



  • Get a Google Account here
  • tour
  • Google docs 



  • An aggregator collects your RSS feeds of blogs, podcasts and other resources that offer feeds. You can use aggregators for collecting updates to Del.icio.us accounts, wikis, news, forums, website updates and more.  I usually use Bloglines to collect my information but there are others too.
  • Bloglines
  • Pageflakes



  • Tag Galaxy - online photo source complete with web array!
  • flickrstorm - Please use the attribution site by selecting advanced and then attribution. Give credit to those who took the picture!
  • scanR - What does scanR do?

        scanR is a service that helps you capture information contained in whiteboards, documents and business cards. scanR lets you use your mobile phone’s camera or digital camera to clean photos of whiteboards, documents and business cards, extract the printed information, and get a digital file in your email, contact manager, or fax. You can also upload snapshots of anything you want to save and share online.


RSS Feed







Inquiry-Based Learning






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