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CESA 5 Technology Grant 2

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Adams -Friendship's Digital Tools lll Grant Participation


According to CESA 5's Digital Tools Grant lll's purpose, student achievement in ITLS skills and content curriculum will increase through participation in lessons and activities by implementing and the integrating new digital tools. CESA 5 provided opportunities for teachers and library media specialists to develop, implement, and assess technology-rich learning activities. Teacher teams had attended workshops, surveyed, planned and implemented integrated lessons, as well as reflect on student achievement. Adams-Friendship had 4 teachers particpate in two strands, WEB 2.0, Julie Ennis and Linda Ruhland-Stage and SMARTBoard, Michelle Johnson and Sue Bergstrom. Below are links to what was implemented and assessed by our team.


WEB 2.0 Strand

Julie Ennis: 7th grade literature

Linda Ruhland-Stage: Special Education, Student Council Leader


SMARTBoard Strand

Michelle Johnson: 6th grade and Sue Bergstrom: 6th grade


After School Workshops

Sheri Ebert: Coach


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